Making a home-cooked meal fast, easy, and tasty.

UX/UI, Strategy

Quick Note: I worked on this project during my time at Dow Good Folk. Shout out to the team at Dow, especially Alonzo for really pushing this design beyond the initial versions.

Showing people exactly what makes WOOP so great

WOOP is a meal delivery service that makes home cooking a dream. WOOP chef’s create new menus and hand-prep each meal. Everything is chopped and portioned for you. All you need to do is turn on the heat.

This design needed to separated WOOP from their competitors. Whilst being something that their users could understand and use.

WOOP makes, home cooking a breeze.

Let’s be honest, we all love food, it’s something which we need each day. One thing we don’t enjoy as much, is getting home after a long day and cooking a meal. WOOP has created a fantastic solution which their weekly meal plans. Our design showcases what you will be getting when you order with WOOP.

Packaged food delivery is a rather saturated industry in New Zealand. There’s many companies doing a great job of it, this was something we knew when starting this project. It was always going to be a case of how we could showcase WOOP’s benefits versus the competition.

Highlighting why these differences are better than the competition was one goal. We also wanted to make the ordering process seamless.

Keeping things simple whilst giving WOOP a responsive website which allows them to stand out from the crowd.

Researching the food industry in New Zealand

Bring delicious food alive on the screen. Each box contains the highest quality produce.

Breaking the features of this website down.

Simplified the buy journey
The buy journey is designed in a way that makes purchasing a breeze. Customers needed to understand the difference boxes WOOP offers. They needed to know the amount of people each box can feed and the cost.

Another big component for them was reacquiring billing cycles. Making sure that people could continue their subscription or change their order.
Standing out in the crowd
WOOP finds itself in a very competitive market in New Zealand. One of the key objectives of this website was to make sure that it stood apart from its competition. We achieved this by doing things no one else was, by letting each box speak for itself.

Making it easy in the kitchen, keeping it simple online.

Showcasing the value
WOOP works to make cooking meals at home hassle free. We wanted to make sure that purchasing WOOP boxes was the same. We focused
Easy to browse
People want meal times to be easy, they also want purchasing to be as easy. We've made sure each box was given equal importance whilst allowing users to easy change between the the options.
Easy to buy
Knowing what's included in each box is the first step. Making that box easy to purchase is just as important. Simplifying each step down to its core was vital for making the buy journey seamless.
Mobile Responsive
WOOP customers wanted to be able to order their product on the go. Making the website mobile responsive was a no brainer and an easy way make sure people could order WOOP from anywhere.

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