Made for hospitality

UX/UI Design

Quick Note: I worked on this project during my time at Scratch Digital.

Giving the home of hospitality a home

Harrows makes high quality furniture for social places.

The needed a new website to best showcase their products. They also wanted to be able to show people how their products look institute with the projects they've worked on.

A simple, clean, yet elegant design was the order of the day for this project.

Keeping things clean

With product this good it was an easy task to let it speak for itself. One of the main challenges was making sure we catered for different sized cards for the different shapes and sizes of the Harrows furniture.
Key takeaways

Increasing sales, improving
Harrows bottom line.

Showcasing the value
Each product is beautifully designed, and expertly built. This gave us a lot of room to play with when it came to the product pages themselves. Great products lean themselves to great photography.

I tried to let each piece of content be the hero on the page at any point during the customers journey.

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